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What to look for in your table

2019-06-12 13:27:40

  1. Is the Billiard Table made with QUALITY Solid Timber?
    Many Tables are made with MDF (medium density fibre) or cheap imitation Hardwoods which DO NOT have the lasting qualities of Australian Hardwoods..
  2. Does the Billiard Table have a Slate Base and how many pieces does it consist of?
    Many Companies are using cheaper products to keep a ‘price point’ such as multiple piece slates on 7ft and 8ft Tables when not needed..
  3. Is the Billiard Table fitted with QUALITY English Cloth?
    There are several Grades of Cloth available and there is a great difference between a Quality English Cloth and a Cheap Imitation.. Fine English Cloths can last around 30 years..
  4. Is the Billiard Table Australian Made?
    Tables are being manufactured in China by the thousands and are increasingly being flooded into the Market.. Cheap Timber, Cheap Slate, Cheap Cloth, No Warranties and many are unable to be reclothed or repaired due to their construction..
  5. What Delivery Vehicles are used?
    Billiard Tables can be an expensive piece of Furniture, and all care should be taken during delivery and installation.. We Deliver all of our Products INSIDE ENCLOSED Vehicles, not on trailers or small flat bed Trucks where the Table can be exposed to the elements..


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