Tables In Stock

Subject to availability.
Custom jarrah timber, 7ft slate table
Traditional 9ft Harry Evans Slate table
12 ft Commonwealth (x2)
6ft Antique table
Over 100 years old
9ft 1" thick slate Table
8ft Slate
8ft Slate
New Cloth
New Rubbers
New Pockets
8ft Slate
Second Hand 9ft Slate Table
*New Cloth
*New Rubbers
*New Pockets
Second Hand 8ft B+B Slate table with drawer
8ft B and B table
One piece Slate
Spruce Green Cloth
Drawer in Subframe
8ft Slate Table
-Blue Speed Cloth
7ft Pub Table.
New Purple Cloth
Restored Timberwork
Our showroom is bursting with second hand tables, here is another one!

8ft Astra Slate Table
Drawer in subframe